You've spent many (possibly frustrating) hours poring over beautiful but not-quite-right designs. Or maybe you're a self-proclaimed indie bride and you haven't found anything that really matches your vision. Maybe you're looking for a designer to help tell your love story in a way that a pre-made design can't. I'm here to make sure your paper details are so recognizably you, and that you'll love them forever.


I’m Grace Niu Avila, stationery designer and calligrapher. I’ve always been a crafter, artist, and creator at heart, even from a young age. I was that kid that bought all sorts of craft and DIY kits, I was in a mural painting club in high school (nerd alert), and I have a BFA in graphic design.

Grace Niu Design was created because I love paper and print design and want those to live on in our electronic, fast-paced society! If you love your invitations and they fit you to a T, I know you'll hang on to those precious pieces of paper for years to come. My formal training in graphic design combined with my calligraphy experience results in modern, detail-oriented, artful and stylish designs. Your stationery will be a lasting memory of your engagement and wedding, so let's make sure it represents you and captures your style!


  • I'm a newlywed as of September 2016 (see the blog for some of my wedding posts!)
  • I love making and drinking coffee - I was a barista for a few years.
  • I don’t discriminate between white, red and rose, but I will not drink moscato (I don’t like super sweet things).
  • I love Thai food, Mexican food, and anything sour/spicy. 
  • Most people have a separate stomach for desserts, but I have a whole separate stomach for noodle soups.
  • I clearly love food - most of these facts were about food or drinks.
Photo by Amanda Megan Miller

Photo by Amanda Megan Miller

Photo by Mayden Photography

Photo by Mayden Photography