Recently engaged and just don't even know where to start? Do you feel like your vendors might be confused or overwhelmed if you show them your Pinterest boards? Don't even have Pinterest boards or inspiration images saved yet?

I'm not a wedding planner and will not replace one, BUT if you have already decided not to hire one, or just need a little extra help, I'm here for you! I can help get you started on the right foot with a consultation and mood board to narrow down your focus and give you a clearer vision for your aesthetic.


During your phone consultation, we'll talk about your ideas, preferences, wedding venue, and more - it will help me understand more about you and your desired style! We can also go over your Pinterest board if you need help reining it in, and I'll give you some suggestions for how to clean up your boards and make them "make sense".


I will take your ideas and come up with 2 mood board options based on what you've shared with me. Mood boards include about 5-10 inspiration images and a primary color palette of 3-5 colors.


If you're interested in any of the following add-ons, just mention it to me and we'll touch upon it in our consultation! We'll make sure to take care of it after the initial mood board is created.

  • Secondary/accent colors or pattern swatches
  • Up to two font selections
  • Monogram design
  • Custom rubber stamp creation with your monogram
  • Help with matching your wedding website to the mood board look


Let's not break up after that! Need someone to carry the look from your brand new mood board into all your paper pieces? Save the dates, custom invitations, place cards, menus.. I do it all! Just let me know which services you'd like, and I will make it happen!



Why is having a mood board and direction important?
If you're at all concerned about things looking nice and cohesive on your wedding day, that's where a mood board comes in. Even if you have a ton of inspiration images, it can be hard to truly narrow your focus. Without one, you may end up choosing something just because it looks nice or sort-of-matches. With a mood board, stylistic decisions become much easier and more focused, saving you time in the long run.

Why is a wedding stationer offering this service?
Again, I'm not here to replace a wedding planner, but just an extra helping hand if you've already decided not to hire one, or just need some preliminary help. I'm an expert mood board maker, and have years of graphic design and creative direction experience that allows me to help you translate your dreams and pins into something concrete that you can use to guide your wedding style decisions. Maybe you've also seen my own wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake? #shamelessplug. How did I do with translating my mood board into reality?